BeeCool Bikes was born in the calling of a group of cycling enthusiasts. Their strong desire for better cycling experience gets them, a group of cyclists of different ages, from different industries or backgrounds together. The shared passion among them for cycling made BeeCool Bikes gradually take shape.

Kevin is a programmer in San Francisco, California. He suffered from the uphill roads, busy traffic and expensive parking in San Francisco for a long time. He is a bike lover too, but riding from home to work every day really made him feel tired. He found that an electric bike would release this tension a lot or even make everyday commuting enjoyable.

Dylan is a marketer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His family loves traveling to Northern Michigan for every holiday with their RV. His father, John, a 60 years old gentleman, is a cycling enthusiast. With his age getting older and older, most of the bike trails become harder for him to ride through. John is just shy of his age but would still like to ride further. Dylan needs to find out a long-endurance electric bike for his father.

Jason is a bike-packing lover from Chicago, Illinois. He has ridden through the States twice during his college years. During his trip, he always needs to cross bumpy roads and bad terrains, and his bike has been broken several times on the roads, so he had no choice but to temperately stop his trip and find a local bike shop to repair his bike. He also needs a more durable bike to help him out on his trip.

There must be many others suffering the same as they did. Therefore, to improve riding experience and living experience, we who have the same enthusiasm finally gather together here. We decided to make some models of advanced electric bikes and offer them to all bike lovers like us. We used a long time to collect customers’ preferences. We want to equip all the important features that most e-bike riders need on our product. We keep searching best parts with the highest cost-performance from different trustworthy suppliers. Finally, our first two awesome e-bike models were born, Bee Adventurer and Bee Explorer.

With a powerful electric motor on the bike, Kevin is now able to ride uphill easily. With a large capacity battery, John no longer worries about his age but is able to continue his journey on the roads. As for Jason, now he can say GoodBye to the repair shop. However, what help them most are the full suspension and the hydraulic disc brakes, which bring them more safety and comfort on their trips, and now no one needs to worry about the bad weather and terrains on their roads.

With e-bikes, cycling is not a professional activity for athletes only, and we believe that people from all ages, all industries, and all fields can also enjoy the fun of cycling. We are just like the “bees” in this world: studying hard and working hard for our lives. Even we are busy “bees”, we can still be cool, and never lose the passion for enjoying life! So we named the brand “BeeCool”. Our mission is to bring all bike lovers an eco-friendly and comfortable travel choice as well as pure riding pleasure. Moreover, we can be cool riders together, and will never lose hope to cycling.

Our team puts great effort in offering all bike lovers affordable, better equipped, cost-efficient, and comfortable electric bikes. Once BeeCool, Always Be Cool! Ride further with us. It’s simple but the best.