BeeCool Bikes has always appreciated the support of its customers and fans. It's your unwavering support that led to the immense success of the Labor Day lottery event. In response to this support, BeeCool Bikes has decided to continue spreading the good fortune and open the door to luck for more people!

BeeCool Bikes has decided to draw one lucky customer every month, gifting them a specially selected BeeCool ebike. This fantastic news means that as long as you place an order to purchase any BeeCool bike right now, you have the chance to win a free BeeCool ebike. While Labor Day has passed, the lucky winner for September is yet to be chosen, and you could be the next fortunate recipient of a BeeCool ebike.

The opportunity is right before you, requiring just one simple step. You could become the lucky winner for September, receiving a green Bee Adventurer ebike, or we can refund the ebike of equivalent value in your order (non-repetition of winners). The winner's name and info will be released at the beginning of next month. Whether you're an urban explorer or a nature enthusiast, BeeCool Bikes has the perfect ebike for you. This chance only requires one order, and you can kickstart your journey of luck.

1. Make your purchase for any BeeCool ebike model from September 1st to September 30th and you will get the chance to win the monthly giveaway.
2. The giveaway for September is a free green Bee Adventurer model. You can choose the free model or we can refund the ebike of equivalent value in your order (non-repetition of winners).
3. The winning results will be announced at BeeCool Official Facebook Group (@BeeCool Bikes Community) on October 10th.