Mobile Services

If you need services, we are here to help! BeeCool's first priority is to ensure that all of our customers could enjoy the ride without troubles. We are proud to introduce our best partner, Velotooler, the most professional ebike service provider in the United States!

Service Types of
Ebike Assembly
A mobile mechanic or a bike shop helping you to assemble your BeeCool ebike. Build includes unpacking, assembly of the remaining parts and adjustments. The customer is responsible for disposing of packaging materials.
Ebike Upgrade
Ebike upgrade service helps you to customize your ebike parts or equip a more professional parts, which includes: Upgrade controller Install new front and rear brakes Install hall based full twist throttle
Ebike Tune Up
Tune ups cover adjustments to the brakes, shifting, wheel truing, hub adjustments, headset adjustment and cleaning to improve function and appearance. This service is aimed at your safety and comfort: a professional will surely find more faults and fix them better than you could do on your own.
Online Consultation
Sometimes you need not an appointment but rather professional advice. Ask your questions to a technician and receive sufficient explanations. You will receive a call or be invited to do a video chat to chat about your questions and concerns.
Widest Coverage Area
Velotooler has a network of over 170 service providers and we are adding two a week, on average. This network includes coverage in 32 states and allows us to serve 25% of all residential zip codes (over 8,000 zip codes).
Excellent Customer Service
Your success is our success. If the customer is not happy we will return and resolve the issue. Our work is guaranteed and we ask customer to rate our mechanics on five factors so we can ensure we continue to raise the bar on service.
Reasonable Price
Never need to worry about higher bill. Velotoolers always offer customers a reasonalble price. Moreever, you only pay if you are satisfied with the service. Our goal is to creat win-win opportunities between customers and mechanics.
Bike Passport Powered by
Each time your bicycle is serviced via Velotooler, your passport starts showing your bicycle's history.
Your passport starts building up once you or your mechanic enter your bicycle serial number.
Know your bicycle and let others know it, too. The bicycle passport allows you to preserve your bicycle information, turning it into an Internet passport that gives your bicycle an online face and protection.