In 2024, BeeCool Bikes introduces our latest addition to the eBike market, the Bee Ranger. This revolutionary eBike is set to disrupt the industry in North America with its innovative features and exceptional performance. Today, we will talk about the details of BeeCool's new 2024 eBike, highlighting its powerful motor, versatile power modes, impressive battery range, safety features, frame construction, and comfort configurations. Join us as we explore the exciting world of the Bee Ranger.

Powerful Motor for Unmatched Speed

The Bee Ranger is equipped with a formidable 1000-watt-rated motor, enabling this 20-inch wheel eBike to reach a top speed of 30 mph. It's worth noting that smaller wheel diameters usually result in lower speeds. However, BeeCool has defied expectations by achieving a maximum speed higher than many 26-inch wheel eBikes in the market. Furthermore, the Bee Ranger offers different power outputs across various pedal assist modes, allowing riders to choose their desired speed. In pedal assist mode 1, riders can reach a maximum speed of 5 mph, while mode 2 offers a top speed of 12 mph. Mode 3 provides a maximum speed of 17 mph, mode 4 reaches 23 mph, and mode 5 unleashes the full potential of the eBike, achieving the exhilarating top speed of 30 mph. If you are riding for leisure, you can choose any of the PAS (Pedal Assist) from 1 to 3. If you want to tackle challenging off-road trails, PAS 4 is the right choice. And if you want to leave others far behind in a race, PAS 5 is the one for you. Another noteworthy aspect of the power is that the Bee Ranger, thanks to its powerful motor, can achieve an explosive start in pedal assist modes 4 and 5. This makes it the first 20-inch wheel eBike in the North American market capable of such a rapid acceleration.

Impressive Battery Range and Safety Features

The Bee Ranger comes equipped with a powerful 48V 20Ah intelligent battery, coupled with a lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy frame. This combination allows the eBike to effortlessly achieve a range of over 80 miles on a single charge. Battery safety is a top priority for BeeCool, as we strive to meet the highest industry standards. We take meticulous care in ensuring the safety of our batteries and circuits. All BeeCool batteries feature an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) that regulates and maintains the battery's temperature within a safe range, preventing thermal runaway. This advanced safety feature places BeeCool at the forefront of the eBike industry. Moreover, all BeeCool models get UL certified. Additionally, the eBike's controllers undergo a rigorous process that involves potting the components in low-temperature glue, effectively keeping the controller's inner temperature under 80°C, even during high-power motor output. Furthermore, the Bee Ranger's controller incorporates over 20 heat-dissipating aluminum fins, ensuring optimal cooling and making it one of the coolest-running controllers in the industry.

Sturdy Frame and Enhanced Comfort Configurations

The Bee Ranger boasts a full aluminum alloy frame, providing both strength and lightweight maneuverability. The eBike's dual suspension system, adjustable front forks, and upgraded rear four-link suspension enhance the riding experience, delivering optimal comfort for every rider. The presence of hydraulic disc brakes, paired with perforated 180mm oversized brake rotors, ensures shorter braking distances and improved heat dissipation, guaranteeing rider safety. Additionally, the Bee Ranger features a vibrant color display screen with a user-friendly interface and exceptional visibility. The color screen supports USB charging, allowing riders to conveniently charge their mobile devices. It also provides real-time battery level information, allowing riders to plan their rides accordingly.

Stylish Design and Competitive Pricing

BeeCool understands the importance of offering high-performance electric bikes at an affordable price. The Bee Ranger is no exception. Priced at just $1699, it provides a remarkable value proposition compared to other eBikes in its class, which typically retail for $1999 and above. BeeCool aims to deliver the highest level of features and performance while keeping our eBikes accessible to a wide range of customers. The Bee Ranger is currently available for purchase in five stylish colors: red, black, white, green, and gray. Additionally, we plan to introduce two more color options in the near future, ensuring riders can find their preferred style.


With the introduction of the Bee Ranger, BeeCool Bikes has unleashed a game-changing eBike that promises to revolutionize the North American market. Its powerful motor, versatile power modes, impressive battery range, safety features, sturdy frame, and enhanced comfort configurations make it a compelling choice for all types of riders. BeeCool's commitment to providing high-performance eBikes at an affordable price is evident in the Bee Ranger's competitive pricing. Whether you're seeking a thrilling speed experience, exploring off-road trails, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, the Bee Ranger is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Stay tuned for further updates from BeeCool as we continue to innovate and expand our eBike offerings.
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