BeeCool Refurbished Ebike Deposit (Local Pick-up ONLY)

Model: Green Adventurer
Pick-up Location: Wittmann AZ
Sale price$50.00
scheduled to ship in 3 weeks
14-Day Free Return
2-Year Warranty


Please Read!

- BeeCool Refurbished Ebikes are fully functional and work properly, but may come with small scratches, dents, or other signs of use on the Ebikes. 

- The price of Refurbished Ebikes will come with a discount depending on the condition.

- Once you pay the deposit, we will provide you with the phone number of the pick-up spot dealer by email. Please call the dealer to confirm the condition, price, and pick-up time. 

- $50 is just a deposit, you still need to pay for the bike. You have to purchase the exact model on the website at the original price first. The discount and deposit will be refunded to you after you pick up the bike. 

- We suggest you place the order on your smartphone at the pick-up spot after you see the bike physically. Make sure you can accept the condition and discount. 

-When you place your bike order, please type "LOCAL PICK UP" at the address line.

- Refurbished Ebikes are only available for local pick-up.

- Pictures might not be the exact bike you will get.

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