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Bee Hive Project 

The BeeCool Bee Hive Project aims to connect BeeCool cycling enthusiasts with new customers, building a community that's beneficial for everyone like a bee hive. Things you should know before joining in our trial event!

If you are new here and want to test ride our ebikes before placing your orders, you can contact the BeeCool ebike owners on the above map directly and buy through their referral link to get an ebike cover as a gift! Contact our service team at to get your gift after placing the order. If you have any issues with contacting the above owners, don't hesitate to contact us!

If you have been a BeeCool ebike owner, you can first sign up your info into the map above to make new customers contact you easier. Help new customers test ride, know about BeeCool bikes and most importantly buy our bikes through your personal referral link and you can get $100 commission for one successful referral. If you are interested, please click the Sign Into the Map here first to get your info available on the above map and then click Refer to Earn to get your personal referral link.