Introducing the brand new models of BeeCool Bikes, the Pathfinder series. Bee Pathfinder and Bee Pathfinder Step-through. 

For these 2 new models, we chose an amazing new color, Aurora Blue. And of course, they come with the most popular matte black as well. We use flat welding technology on the Bee Pathfinder series, with no craters on the surface of the frame. It took our designing team many months to make every single detail perfect on Bee Pathfinder and Bee Pathfinder Step-through. The Bee Pathfinder has a higher step, while the Step-through version has a low step. The high-step-frame offers a 31 inch stand-over height for riders between 5'2" and 6'3", while the step-through-frame has a 21 inch stand-over height for riders between 5" and 6'1".

Bee Pathfinder series has all the cooler features that will make you fall in love with it!

Bee Pathfinder has a built-in large capacity battery, which helps all riders travel a longer distance. The 48 volt, 20 ampere-hours, and total capacity of 960 watt-hour lithium-ion battery gives you longer range. You're able to travel over 80 miles with one charge at a time using pedal-assist mode and over 50 miles on throttle mode. The battery is embedded completely inside the lower tube and we made the battery as big as possible. BeeCool Bikes always believe that the range is one of the most important things for an eclectic bike!

What’s more, to bring riders the max comfort during the ride, the Bee Pathfinder series is equipped with more advanced fork and more advanced seat tube.

The hydraulic suspension fork is more smooth and more durable than other bikes. The suspension lock on the top of the fork helps you switch the front suspension on and off, and adjust the travel distance of the fork suspension. Switch to a shorter travel or lock the suspension when you ride on a flatter road, which helps you get more power for moving forward. Switching to a larger travel helps you smoothly overcome bumpy roads.

Bee Pathfinder series also has a dual suspension system. Bee Pathfinder series has a seat tube suspension, which brings you the max comfort when you ride on bumpy roads. The wider bike seat helps a lot with easing the pressure on your body.

Bee Pathfinder series has a bigger and brighter color display screen in the center of the handlebar, which shows you all the key information and the status of the e-bike more clear than the traditional LCD display screen. The information on the display includes current operation mode, speed, pedal assist level, batter capacity, watt-meter, and much more.

Bee Pathfinder series is equipped with dual hydraulic disc brakes and a 180mm steel brake disc, which gives you maximum stopping power. With hydraulic disc brakes, the actuation moves both pads towards the rotor at the same time and with even pressure. The most important advantage of hydraulic disc brakes is that they automatically self-adjust as they wear down.

The all-steel chain sprocket and pedals provide reliable protection to your chains and better safety when you pedal.

Bee Pathfinder series comes with a more durable rear rack and full fenders.

The lights on the bike have also got upgraded. We upgraded the LED headlight to a brighter and more durable iron light, which is bright enough to let you see the road clearly in front of you when riding in the dark. We upgraded the integrated taillight too. The outlook is cooler than the previous versions. The taillight unit is integrated with water-flow turning signal-light, brighter brake light and nightlight.

Now join in us and enjoy each ride with us. Once BeeCool, Always Be Cool!

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