As California braces for the incoming blizzard, we hope all our Bee Riders in CA keep safe all the way. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) works with local and state authorities to provide the necessary resources to the residents of California for this storm season.

If you need to spend time outdoors:
Always have a fully charged cellphone and carry a portable recharger, if possible.
Wear several layers of loose clothing.
Move into warm locations during work breaks and try to limit the amount of time outside.
Pay attention to local weather forecasts and follow advice from locals.
Older adults
Ask for Help to clear ice and snow from your house and keep walkways and steps clear of snow and ice.
Make sure there is enough lighting outdoors, especially near walkways and stairs.
Have the contact information of a family member or friend who can regularly check in on you.
If you use walking aids such as a cane, walker, or a wheelchair, dry the wheels or tips of each before entering your home.
To plan your route, you can use the CalTrans QuickMap tool. This is the only reliable and official website that provides real time traffic information, including closures, active chain control requirements and incident reports.
Also, download the free QuickMap mobile app to have road conditions in the palm of their hands.

I know some of you will never kill your love for a ride even on a snowstorm day as riding an electric bike (eBike) can be an enjoyable and efficient mode of transportation. However, when faced with the challenges of a snowstorm, it's important to take additional safety precautions. We will discuss essential safety measures for riding an eBike in snowy conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Most importantly, have a reliable ebike!

Check Weather Conditions:
Before setting out on your eBike adventure, always check the weather forecast. Snowstorms can bring hazardous conditions, including reduced visibility and slippery roads. If a snowstorm is predicted, consider postponing your ride or finding an alternative means of transportation.

Dress Appropriately:
Proper clothing is crucial for staying warm and safe during a snowy eBike ride. Wear multiple layers to insulate your body and protect against the cold. Opt for waterproof and wind-resistant outerwear to shield yourself from moisture and strong winds. Don't forget to wear a helmet for added head protection.

Equip Your eBike:
Prepare your eBike for snowstorm riding by equipping it with suitable accessories. Install winter Ebike Tire Chain for improved traction on snow and ice. Consider adding fenders to prevent snow and slush from splashing onto you. Additionally, ensure your lights are in working order to enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

Adjust Riding Technique:
Adapting your riding technique to snowy conditions is vital for maintaining control and stability. Reduce your speed and give yourself ample time to react to any obstacles or changes in road conditions. Apply gentle and gradual braking to avoid skidding. When turning, make wider arcs to maintain balance, and avoid sudden or sharp maneuvers.

Stay Visible:
Visibility is crucial in snowy conditions, particularly when riding near vehicles. Wear bright and reflective clothing to ensure others can see you. Consider attaching reflective strips or lights to your eBike for added visibility. If you have a BeeCool ebike, you don't need to worry about lights as all BeeCool ebikes are equipped with advanced turning signal lights and rear & front lights. Signal your intentions clearly, using hand signals or electronic indicators to communicate with other road users.

Plan Your Route:
Choose your route carefully, opting for well-traveled roads that are more likely to be plowed and salted. Avoid steep inclines or roads with heavy traffic, as they pose a higher risk in snowy conditions. Stay informed about road closures or advisories in your area and plan alternative routes accordingly.

Stay Alert and Aware:
Maintain constant vigilance while riding in a snowstorm. Keep an eye out for icy patches, snowdrifts, or hidden obstacles on the road. Be cautious of pedestrians and other cyclists who may have reduced visibility. Stay focused and avoid distractions to ensure quick reaction times.

Charge Your Battery:
Cold temperatures can affect the performance of your eBike's battery. Keep it fully charged before heading out, as batteries tend to deplete faster in frigid conditions. If possible, store your eBike in a warm area to maintain battery life during the ride.

Riding an eBike in a snowstorm can be a thrilling experience, but it's crucial to prioritize safety. By following these precautions, such as checking weather conditions, dressing appropriately, adjusting your riding technique, and staying alert, you can enjoy a safe and memorable eBike adventure in wintry conditions. Remember, it's always better to err on the side of caution and make informed decisions about when and where to ride your eBike during inclement weather. Stay safe out there!
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