Dear Bee Riders,

We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support of our ebike brand. We are thrilled to share some fantastic news with you. BeeCool Bikes has recently acquired a major ebike factory in Asia, propelling us beyond being just a brand and transforming us into a fully integrated powerhouse that covers production, supply, and sales. This game-changing move allows us to bring you even higher quality and more cost-effective products, catering to the needs of our esteemed BeeCool Bikes fans.

To celebrate this momentous occasion and express our gratitude for your unwavering support, we are thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to save big on our ebikes. We are making a limited-time offer on 1000 ebikes, including our highly sought-after soft-tail models like the Bee Adventurer and Bee Explorer, which were originally priced at $1699. But hold on tight, because with this special promotion, you can now snag these remarkable models for the unbeatable price of just $1199. And that's not all! We are extending equally enticing cash discounts on our other ebike models too. Make sure to act swiftly as this offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss out on this golden chance, dear BeeCool Bikes fans!

Here at BeeCool Bikes, we live and breathe a commitment to continuously enhancing our products and delivering an unparalleled riding experience. The acquisition of this new ebike factory in Asia further solidifies our dedication to excellence. With this integration, we gain greater control over the production process, ensuring the highest quality standards are met at every turn. Moreover, our optimized supply chain management enables us to pass these cost efficiencies directly on to you, our esteemed customers.

We want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your loyalty and support. Your valuable feedback and suggestions have been instrumental in shaping our brand and offerings. We are genuinely appreciative of the trust and enthusiasm you have shown us, propelling BeeCool Bikes to new heights of success.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. We will continue investing in research and development to bring you cutting-edge ebikes that redefine performance and style. Our team of dedicated professionals shares a common goal: to provide you with the ultimate riding experience at an affordable level.

Thank you for choosing BeeCool Bikes. Your unwavering support is the driving force behind our success. We eagerly anticipate sharing many more exhilarating moments with you as we continue to grow and evolve. Together, let's ride towards new horizons of adventure and excitement!

Warm regards,
BeeCool Bikes Team
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Save $400.00
Bee AdventurerBee Adventurer
Bee Adventurer
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Bee Challenger
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Bee ExplorerBee Explorer
Bee Explorer
Sale price$1,299.00 Regular price$1,699.00
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