It may come as a surprise, but electric bikes actually provide more exercise than pedal bikes on average. While this may challenge the beliefs of fitness enthusiasts who prefer traditional cycling, scientific research supports this claim. So, let's delve into the "how" and "why" behind this phenomenon.

Numerous studies have consistently shown that people who ride electric bikes tend to engage in more physical activity than those who ride pedal bikes. This finding may ruffle the feathers of avid cyclists who maintain an "us vs. them" mentality, but it has been repeatedly demonstrated across various countries and cultures.

Upon closer examination, the reasons behind this unexpected discovery become clearer and more logical.

Electric bike riders generally cover greater distances:

Electric bikes, equipped with motors and batteries to assist riders, typically accumulate more miles. On average, studies have revealed that e-bike riders spend longer periods of time on their bikes compared to pedal bike riders. Not only do they log more hours, but they also cover significantly more miles. Despite the pedal assist, e-bike riders still engage in substantial pedaling, often surpassing the effort exerted by traditional cyclists.

One significant contributing factor is that electric motors alleviate the challenges of uphill climbs and difficult starts, making the riding experience less arduous. Researchers have found that when riders perceive cycling as less strenuous, they tend to embark on longer rides. A comprehensive study conducted in 2019, which involved over 10,000 adults across seven countries, revealed that electric bike riders had measurably higher Metabolic Equivalent Task minutes per week compared to pedal bike riders.

Another reason for these extended rides is the enhanced enjoyment associated with electric bikes. Researchers consistently find that e-bike riders report greater satisfaction and enjoyment while riding. When an activity is more pleasurable, individuals are likely to spend more time engaging in it. In the case of pedal-assist e-bikes, this translates into increased pedaling and exercise. A 2021 study stated, "Most participants reported positive perceptions toward e-bike riding, including terms such as 'easier' and 'fun' when describing commuting with an e-bike."

However, it is important to note that riders using throttle-enabled electric bikes may not reap the same level of exercise benefits as those using pedal-assist e-bikes, as the former require less pedaling effort. Nonetheless, even with throttle-enabled bikes, the outdoor benefits are still measurable.

Electric bike riders tend to use their bikes more frequently:

Studies have also found that electric bike riders tend to use their bikes consistently. For many, e-bikes have become their primary mode of transportation, replacing cars for daily commutes and errands. Even for recreational purposes, e-bikes are preferred due to the heightened enjoyment they provide, resulting in more frequent usage compared to pedal bikes.

Electric bikes make tough terrain more manageable:

E-bike riders who venture onto trails often tackle more challenging uphill climbs than they would on a pedal bike. While pedal bike riders may opt for chair lifts to reach the top of mountain bike trails, e-bike riders rely on their motors to conquer these demanding ascents on their own two wheels. The electric motor in e-bikes assists with the power required to climb back up the trails. Although e-bike riders may not experience the full benefits of climbing solely through muscle power, they still engage in far more exercise than those utilizing chair lifts.

Even on less demanding nature trails, e-bike riders often seek out more technical terrain with steeper inclines than they would on a pedal bike, further intensifying their workout.

In conclusion, the outdated misconception that electric bikes do not provide exercise is far from the truth. Scientific studies consistently demonstrate that e-bike riders engage in more physical activity. Moreover, anyone who has experienced riding an e-bike can attest to its engaging nature. Riders often spend longer durations on their e-bikes, captivated by the enjoyable experience they offer.

If you're intrigued by the idea of trying an electric bike, BeeCool ebikes should be on the front of your list. However, regardless of whether you choose an e-bike or a pedal bike, you can't go wrong with two wheels! Cycling remains one of the most enjoyable ways to have fun and stay active simultaneously.
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