Video Guide

Black Friday Saving Tip ONE

Get More Accesories

If you're leaning towards getting more accessories:
1) Opt for our gift package (complimentary trailer and battery for Bee Adventurer/Explorer/Pathfinder series while trailer and rear basket for Bee Challenger/Rambler) for each ebike.

2) Choose a black-colored model to get both the gift and an extra $100 discount(special offer only for black models), which you can use to grab even more accessories.

3) During Black Friday, all BeeCool accessories are on sale, so you can effortlessly stock up on the ones you need and enjoy one-stop shopping that's both convenient and budget-friendly at BeeCool.

4) BeeCool also has a "2BIKES100OFF"(Use Code: 2EBIKE) offer (perfect for teaming up with friends or family) – purchasing two models lets you spare your accessory budget with an additional $100.

Black Friday Saving Tip TWO

Get More Cash OFF

If you're more inclined towards cash discounts:
1) Throughout BeeCool Black Friday sale, all our models are available at significant discounts, regardless of your choice.

2) Opting for the ebike option without freebies allows you to secure an extra cash discount, further reducing the price by an additional $200 for each model.

3) Picking a black-colored model adds an extra $100 discount on top of the existing savings. Selecting the no-freebies option piles on another $200 in savings, meaning black models can help you save $300 more.

4) BeeCool is also running the "2BIKES100OFF" deal (ideal for pooling orders with friends or family), which can be combined with other discounts. When stacked with the black model discount, you'll achieve the best cash savings.

Black Friday Saving Tip THREE

Benefit from our Different Events

Taking advantage of BeeCool's different events:

1) Participate in our Bee Hive Program, recommend your friends or family to make a purchase using your unique referral link, and for every successful referral, you'll receive a $100 cash commission. Your referred friends will also receive a free BeeCool ebike cover as a bonus.

2) If it happens that you want one Bee Pathfinder model & one Bee Pathfinder step-thru model, then you can join in our Bee Pathfinders “Free Mix” Bundle event to get the best gifts or cash discounts on these two models.