E-bikes often have a flat tire when going out, which often misunderstands others that e-bikes are not strong enough. It's just a question of probability. In the same time period, e-bikes hold several times longer than ordinary bikes in distance. Therefore, the probability of e-bikes for flat tires has increased several times. In addition, most of the time, e-bikes are used in the suburbs, whose roads are not so flat like the roads in the city with special cleaning, so some precautionary measures must be taken for e-bikes.

There are generally four cases of internal tire fetal problems: being punctured from the outside, being cracked up by stones or steps, exploding from inside, and slow air leakage.

Preventive measures for the first case. 1) Get enough gas. Be sure to fill in enough air in the tire. If there is a pump with a barometer, please make the tire reach the air pressure number indicated on the outer tire. If there isn’t a barometer, please feel it with your fingers. Generally speaking, add the pressure until your fingers completely can not hold the outer tire. If you want to make this easier, then you can just buy an Portable Electric Pump which will do all the pump work for you. The benefits of high tire pressure are obvious, for the tires are hard and many sharp stones, broken glass and so on will be bounced off and can not be stuck in, which greatly reduces the chance of being punctured. Of course, if you use an anti-puncture tire, it will solve many problems for you like BeeCool Bikes’ anti-puncture Innova Tire does. 2) When parking, please pay attention to check the outer tire to see if there are broken glass, small iron pieces, stones and so on that are embedded in the outer tire. If there are any of them, please clean up in advance. These things may not break the tire for a while, but with cycling speed and distance increased, they will get deeper and deeper in the tire until the inner tire is broken. 3) Watch the road and avoid dangerous things when riding on the road. Moreover, try to walk close to the middle of the road, because obstacles like glasses, iron pieces and so on are usually on the roadside.

Preventive measures for the second case. The only reason for this is insufficient tire pressure. The tires are too soft without enough air support, resulting in the inner tire being pushed into the rim and broken by the rim. Preventive measures for this are just like the above: pumping enough air and watching the road.

Preventive measures for the third case. This situation is generally due to the tire pads. One reason is that the tire pad can not bear the high pressure and gets inward too much, resulting in the inward burst of the inner tire. Another reason is that the tire pad is not well padded, and with a small movement, it can result in the direct contact of rim hole with the inner tire, and finally, this can cause the tire to burst when high pressure is added. The solution for you is to choose a tire pad that can withstand high pressure. BeeCool Bikes offer surrounded tire pad and three levels’ protection which will reduce the risk greatly. If the tire pad is narrow and easy to slide, first please wrap the inside of the rim with 3M tape and cover all the holes. Using 3M tape can increase the friction force of the tire pad and reduce the possibility of sliding.

Preventive measures for the fourth case. There are three possible reasons for slow air leakage. 1) Valve is aging; 2) The inner tire has small leaky holes; 3) The colloids are thin or aging. These are all about the inner tire quality, so choose a high-quality inner tire is very important. Some bikes’ tubes contain tire sealant inside the tube-like BeeCool Bikes do. Tire tubes with sealant inside that stops slow leaks and is safe and easy to use, which will be a great help to the leakage problem. You should check in advance by pumping the inner tire before installing it. The spare tire that will be carried out with you should also be checked in advance. Small leakage usually happens at the valve, so you should focus on it when checking. Besides, there is another situation that is when you change the inner tire after a puncture, soon you find the tire leaks again. There are two possibilities. One is that some obstacles that break the inner tire still remain on the outer tire. Therefore, when pumping the tire, you should carefully check the outer tire to confirm that there are no remains. Another possibility is that a pry bar can break the inner tire, so be careful when you install the inner tire.

In a word, it is very important to choose a safe and durable tire, and BeeCool Bikes take these factors into consideration when designing our e-bikes, so as our customers, you can just cool down your worry and enjoy your cool bikes with BeeCool Bikes.

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