The life span of the battery depends beyond its inherent life on how you use it and just as your old phone now needs charging every five minutes, the e-bike’s battery inevitably ages over time. Here are some useful tips that can help you minimize your loss and keep your e-bike’s power for longer.

1.Correct cadence frequency
The less the battery is charged and discharged, the longer the battery life will be. Every time you ride an e-bike, you need to look for the best rhythm to match the electric motor, which would be a very smart choice. Generally speaking, as for the motor of e-bikes, if the bikers use a higher cadence frequency under the Pedal Assist Mode, it will be more efficient to save energy, which means a minimum power loss. If you use our motor, we suggest you using a cadence frequency higher than 50 rpm and make full use of the shifter to avoid too low cadence frequency that will bring torque increase to the motor and loss to the battery.

2.Do not use up the battery
The battery or motor itself actually has a computer chip integrated with the controller to adjust the output and charge and protect the health of the battery, which means that the battery will never be overcharged or damage itself. However, a full charge before cycling and a completely using up power on the road will bring the greater load to the battery and such a charge and discharge is a battery cycle, which is called “Balancing the Battery”. If you use our battery provided by LISHEN, It is recommended to balance it once a month. Therefore, please try to stop using the motor before the battery is completely exhausted.

It is very important to charge the battery at room temperature. The ideal charging temperature for the general battery is between 50℉and 68℉ and for users using our battery, it is recommended to charge the battery between 50℉and 77℉. Please try not to charge the battery below 32℉or in a humid environment. Charging is recommended in dry places with smoke detectors (lithium-ion batteries prove very safe but if there is a short circuit, they can catch fire in very rare cases). When riding out of this temperature range, you can obviously feel that the battery’s power drops very quickly, which also will lead to a shorter battery life, because if the temperature is too low, the lithium-ion activity will be slow and greater voltage will be required to drive the battery to work properly, causing a greater battery consumption while if the temperature is too high, the resistance will be excessive, also causing a greater battery consumption.

If you don't ride your e-bike for days, weeks, or months, then do not use up the battery. It’s recommended by Bosch to keep the battery 30-60% charged and 70% by Shimano. If you use our battery by LISHEN, we suggest you keeping the battery 75% charged and checking the battery every month. Please full charge the battery if you plan to ride again and avoid a humid environment around the motor and the battery, which may cause infiltration and a short circuit.

5.Cleaning and maintenance
Bosch suggests that you should remove the battery before cleaning the bike, while Shimano says that you should leave the battery in place to protect the bare plug. However, as for our e-bikers, you don’t need to be bothered. It would be fine whether the battery is charged attached or not because our battery connection port has a good waterproof treatment. Nevertheless, we always recommend that you stay away from the water gun and choose a sponge to wipe the battery clean.

Finally, we suggest you contact your dealer if you have any battery problems and they will assist in checking the status of your battery and as for our customers, BeeCool Bikes will always be there for you.

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