Space X has many launch plans and if you get an e-bike, it's convenient for you to be there to witness many historic moments. With an e-bike, you can move free and flexible which is a great option for launch catchers! One of our Bee Riders has made the adventure with his Bee Adventurer before and you can watch his moment here! Now you get the best tool for a launch but the question is where to find the best point to watch it!

The best place to watch SpaceX launches depends on where the launch is taking place and what kind of rocket is being launched. SpaceX launches its rockets from two main locations: Boca Chica, Texas and Cape Canaveral, Florida.

For Boca Chica launches, such as the upcoming Starship test flight on April 20, the best place to watch is South Padre Island, which is across the channel from the launch site. However, no drones are allowed in any area leading up to the launch.

For Cape Canaveral launches, such as the Falcon 9 launch on April 19, the best place to watch depends on the launch pad and the weather conditions. Some possible options are:

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which offers various viewing opportunities at the visitor complex and the Banana Creek viewing area. However, tickets are required and may sell out quickly.

Playalinda Beach, which is close to the launch pads and offers a clear view of the rockets. However, access may be restricted depending on the launch and security measures.

Port Canaveral, which has a clear view of the rockets from the Rt. 528 over the Banana River. However, parking may be limited and traffic may be heavy.

Titusville, which has a clear view of the rockets from the Max Brewer bridge. However, it is farther away from the launch pads and may not offer a good view of the landing.

With an e-bike, you will be very flexible to catch the launch and if you happen to live near these places above, take your BeeCool e-bike for an adventure now!

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