26"x4" Ebike Anti-Puncture Inner Tube

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The anti-puncture inner tube for you Bee Adventurer or Bee Explorer.

The bike tubes are made of High-quality butyl rubber compounds. Better air tightness and a longer-lasting tube, ozone resistant, anti-aging, shock absorption, and electrical insulation merits.

The bike tubes contain tire sealant inside the tube. Tire sealant that stops slow leaks and is safe and easy to use. 

Installation sequence for replacing bicycle inner tube:
1. Deflate the tire. Remove any puncturing objects. Work one side of the tire off the rim. Remove old tube.
2. Before installing, slightly inflate the new tube to give it shape. Insert tube valve through rim hole. Gently push the tube into place inside the tire.
3. Work tire back onto the rim, being careful not to pinch the tube. Use of tire levers is recommended.
4. Reinflate the inner tube, Ensure the tire bead is consistently sealed around both sides of the tire.

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