The front fork of all-terrain e-bikes is an essential part of the suspension. Those who are ready to start riding an e-bike always ask: Is the front fork crucial? In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of the front fork will directly affect the off-road performance and riding comfort of the e-bike.
When riding, under the action of gravity and resistance, the front fork is compressed to the pole, and then rebounds to repeat this action. During riding, it can significantly reduce turbulence, provide a more comfortable riding experience, and avoid injury and rollover. According to the riding environment, we should choose different bike forks.

Here we will introduce two types of front forks.

1. The Spring front fork:
The structure of the spring front fork is straightforward, with one or two springs on both sides to achieve shock absorption. You can compress the springs during use to achieve different rebound effects. Its shock absorption effect is average, and its price is low. The spring front fork has the best cost performance.

2. The hydraulic front fork:
The hydraulic fork is based on the spring fork with the addition of oil damping, which can be used to adjust the spring rebound speed, and generally speaking, it also has a locking function. On a flat road or climbing, it has a significant advantage. You can adjust the hydraulic rebound effect to adapt to various road conditions. The Fast rebound is suitable for a small multi-frequency vibration road, and the slow rebound is ideal for a large vibration road. The hydraulic front fork has the best shock absorption effect, but it is heavier than the spring front fork, and the price is higher.

If you ride on flat roads most of the time, then any type of front suspension should be okay. However, the hydraulic front suspension should be your first choice if you ride on bumpy and rugged trails frequently.
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